DSC05333The foreground plant is Pseudowintera "Burgundy Delight". This is a striking pepper tree selection from the Takaka Hill. It has outstanding red foliage which changes with the season.

The mid field plant is Blechnum minus. This is a hardy fern which will grow in shade or sun.

The plant on the right is Dracophyllum longifolium. It has narrow leaves and nice vertical form. Slow growing and rare in cultivation, this plant brings a touch of the New Zealand mountains into the garden.



DSC05392Kauri forests were once a dominant feature of Auckland and Northland and had great importance to Maori and early European settlers. Despite their northern natural distribution, they grow well in the Dunedin coastal area.

Kauri develop a natural conical form which is quite narrow so are not too large for the average suburban garden.

The perfectly spherical female cones develop on quite young trees and are an added feature of this plant.

DSC05383This is a stunning plant with its bold leathery, white rimmed foliage and furry undersides.

The chunky, yellow centred daisy flowers are an added bonus in the summer.

These plants need a dry sunny site and are wind tolerant.